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Artist Type Gender Rating
.i. (I of the Needle. Australian duo Astare and Centro de la Rosa.) Group
"Tabasco" Tom Rogerson Person Male
[ cell 7 ] (Australian electronic industrial band) Group
*** *** (1980s Australian band) Group
///▲▲▲\\\ (Tim Dwyer) Person Male
→↑→ (Melbourne post-punk) Group
1ovthafew Person Male
2 Dogs Group
2 Tee Person
4 Dead (Australian metal) Group
4 Syde B.C. Group
4Arm Group
5 Seconds of Summer Group
7 Minutes of Nausea (Australian noisecore) Group
8-Bit (Australian electronica)
10:32 Person Male
10BA Group
13 Stitches Group
13tears Group
13th Son of December (Australian rap artist) Person Male
15-11 Enterprises
16th Element Person Male
18 Wheels (Australian jazz) Group
19-Twenty Group
20 Minutes (Australian fusion) Group
21 Guns (Australian pub rock band.) Group
24-12 Group
24k (Australia)
26 Group
28 Days (Melbourne, Australia punk rock) Group
30 Odd Foot of Grunts Group
30/70 Group
33 (collaborates with Systembot) Group
38 Person Male
046 Group
50 Lions Group
67 Special Group
78 Saab Group
86 (Australian hip-hop producer) Person Male
180 Proof Group
1200 Techniques Group
1927 Group
A Dead Forest Index Group
A Few Bites Short of the Full Bicky Group
A French Butler Called Smith Group
A God With Horns (side project of "Forfy") Person
A Goldstar Secret Group
A I M (1990s Australian rock) Group
A Kombi Person Male
A Lonely Crowd Group
A Million Dead Birds Laughing Group
A Sky on Fire Group
A-Style Person Male
A. Morrison (Australian, collaborated with David King) Person
A. Smith (unknown, co-writer on "Bitch on Fire" by Hammerhead) Person
A.B. (Australian PsyTrance Artist) Person Male
A.B. Original (Hip-Hop) Group
Aaron Barnden Person Male
Aaron Bilbija Person Male
Aaron Corn Person Male
Aaron Humphries Person Male
Aaron Krivan Person Male
Aaron Robinson (Losty) Person Male
Aaron Spiers Person Male
Aaron Static Person Male
Aasdgoihasdghexekul (Australia (New South Wales)) Group
Abaddon (Australian Death Metal band from Melbourne) Group
Abaddon (Australian Black Metal band from Ballarat, Victoria) Group
Abandon All Hope (Australian Metalcore Band) Group
Abbe May Person Female
Abbey Stone Person Female
Abby Dobson (Australian folk singer) Person Female
Abby Mandagi Person Male
ABC Casssic FM (radio station) Group
ABC Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra
Abe Sada (bass orchestra) Group
Abie "Predator" Wright Person Male
Abominator Group
Aboriginal People Yolingu of Yalakun Group
Above Ground Pool Group
Absent Friends (Sydney, Australia band) Group
Abyssic Hate Group
Abyssmal Sorrow Group
Abzloot Zero Person Male
AC/DC (Australian hard rock band) Group
ACA Pelicans Group
Acacia Ensemble Group
Acacia Quartet Group
Access (Australian trance artist)
Acheron (Australian death metal band) Group
Acolyte (Progressive Rock/Alternative from Australia) Group
Acoustic Dreaming (Australian indigenous) Group
Activate Jetpack Group
Actual Russian Brides Group
Ad Astra (Electro glam space rock solo project of John Justin Stewart) Person
Ada's Persuaders Group
Adalita Person Female