part of: County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
County Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
parts: Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
engineering location for: Scent by Sister Ghost (2014-01 – 2014-07)
Little Lamb by Sister Ghost (2015-01 – 2015-02)
Spineless Whisper by Sister Ghost (2015-01 – 2015-02)
Growing Pains by Sister Ghost (2015-08-17 – 2015-10-27)
recording location for: This Special Time Of Year by The Rising
The Cuckold's Song (Our Goodman) by Harry Cox, Mary O'Connors & Colm Keane (1952)
The Gypsie Laddie by Harry Cox, Jeannie Robertson & Paddy Doran (1952)
Sweet Willie by Lal Smith (1952-07-24)
A Troubled See by Girls Names (2012-01)
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