~ City in Gironde, France


Artist Type Gender Rating
(:amness:) Group
21 Enemy
100 Milliards Group
A Call at Nausicaa Group
Aguirre (French sludge metal/hardcore band) Group
Albert Lapeyrère Person Male
Alex Garcia (Dj / producer) Person Male
Alexandre Brangier Person Male
Alfred Delacour Person Male
Amatera Group
An Ocean of Void ((french post-metal)) Group
André Hekking Person Male
Antena Tres Group
Antheus (French progressive heavy metal band) Group
Anubis (french dungeon synth) Group
Api Uiz (a.k.a Hapi Wizz or Hapi Uiz, rock/jazz) Group
Appollonia Group
Avenir Funèbre (French dark ambient group.) Group
Avenue Z Group
Ayla (Ayla Millepied) Person Female
Back Garden Light Group
Bagarre Générale Group
BaH-Bar (Bass Music/Minimal/Ambient/Remix) Person Male
Banquise Group
Bemskiant Group
Benjamin de la Fuente (French composer) Person Male
Birtawil Person Male
Black Bug Group
Bloom (French indie band) Group
Bombardiers Group
Boulcy Person Male
BrainZap (techno) Person Male
Calc Group
Camel Power Club Group
Captain Maxx (Electro / dub) Person Male
Carle Vernet Person Male
Catherine Cessac (French musicologist) Person Female
Cathuria Person Male
Catulle Mendès Person Male
CBMN Person Male
César Amarante Person Male
Chambre Froide (French black metal band) Group
Charles Lamoureux Person Male
Charles Tournemire Person Male
Charles X Person Male
Charles-Louis Pothier Person Male
Chemin Blanc (French Folk Music) Group
Chino (French rapper) Person Male
Chloé Boireau Person Female
Christiane Castelli (French soprano vocalist) Person Female
Clément Belio Person Male
Cliché (French pop band from Bordeaux) Group
Cockpit (French garage rock band) Group
Cold Colors (Frédérick Barbe) Person Male
Corinne Serres Person Female
Crane Angels Group
Cri d'Alerte (French punk band) Group
Cult of the Horns Group
Cyrille Gachet Person Male
Damstrad Person Male
Danielle Darrieux Person Female
Datcha Mandala Group
DDT Anthem (Hip Hop / Trap Music) Group
Deborah Nemtanu Person Female
Deus Ex Machina (hardcore/speedcore)
DIY Sound (Reggae roots / electro-dub band) Group
Dj Malick (French DJ Kizomba remixer) Person Male
Doctor Zaius (Frenchcore band) Group
Dolloster (Hard Rock band from Bordeaux, France) Group
Dominique Merlet Person Male
Dominique Py Person Male
Dorthal Person Male
Doubleface (Guillaume et Paul-Louis Durieux) Group
Drum Theatre (Dubstep – D’N'B) Person Male
Edouard Colonne Person Male
Ekorce (Psychedelic Music (Psybreaks, PsyDub, PsyChill, Downtempo, Midtempo...)) Person Male
Éloi Ouvrard (père) Person Male
Emëra Group
Emilie Siaut Person Female
Emma Bardac Person Female
Endé (Rapper from Bordeaux) Person Male
Endless Life (French ambient band from Bordeaux.) Group
Équipe de Foot Group
Exocrine Group
Face Up To It! (Hardcore punk from France) Group
Feldub Group
Félix Rault Person Male
Fils Unique
Fine ((French hard rock band from 80's)) Group
Flanagan (Rock band from Bordeaux, France) Group
Foolish King Group
Francisco de Goya (Spanish painter) Person Male
Franck Besingrand Person Male
François Mauriac Person Male
François-Hippolyte Barthélémon Person Male
Franz Ignaz Beck Person Male
Fred Adison Person Male
Fred Girard (drums) Person Male
Frédéric Blondy Person Male
FUELED (French rock band) Group